Send us Your Loan Application

Saturday, May 25, 2019

You should give us as much of the following as you have:

Borrower   Who wants to borrow the money?
Amount   How much do you need to borrow?
Broker   Name and contact information of any broker involved.
Collateral   What are you offering as collateral for the loan?
Location   Where is this collateral?
Description   Describe the collateral, its condition, and how it is being used at present.
Borrower   Purchase price, Market value and Quick-sale value of the collateral.
Existing Debt   Details of any existing mortgages on the collateral, delinquent taxes, etc.
Environmental   Do you have environmental survey of the collateral?
Use of Proceeds   How do you plan to use the loan proceeds?
Borrower   How do you plan to pay back the principal, and when? - all rights reserved

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