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We are trying hard to make our platform the most open platform for listing and locating business, properties, cars. You name it!

Pubsy stands for openess.

We are trying hard to make our platform the most open platform for listing and locating businesses, properties, cars. You name it!

Pubsy's focus on openness encompass everything we do. We ensure enhanced traffic generation, leveraging effective SEO techniques and targeted marketing campaigns to increase online visibility and customer engagement openly. Our affordable pricing options of just GBP 1.99 per month promote accessibility and provide a platform for businesses to openly promote their offerings. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, we assist businesses in creating compelling content transparently, highlighting their unique selling points. Additionally, our pre-generated listings enable immediate exposure, attracting customers right from the start and emphasizing our commitment to openness and maximizing benefits for businesses.

Always user oriented

We help users make qualified decisions on businesses

Pubsy's customer-focused approach revolves around providing comprehensive business information, enabling customers to share their experiences through reviews, offering a user-friendly search interface, and delivering personalized recommendations. These elements collectively prioritize the customer's needs and empower them to make informed decisions when seeking products or services through the Pubsy platform.

It is free!!

No more money out of your pocket for all great functionalities Pubsy offers! Starter pack will always be free! In fact, you already have it! If your business is not already listed with Pubsy, just let us know - and we will happily add you. Free of charge!

Introducing the Pubsy Starter Pack - your gateway to success! Businesses gain free access to the basic features of our powerful platform, including enhanced traffic generation, affordable pricing at just GBP 1.99 per month, AI-assisted text generation, and pre-generated listings. Amplify your online presence, effortlessly create captivating content, and attract more customers from day one. Upgrade to our paid version for even more features and increased traffic. Pubsy empowers your business to thrive in the digital landscape, all at an unbeatable price.


The great Pubsy team

People behind the great service, always there for you!


Evelina Stanel

Evelina Stanel is a notable entrepreneur with a background in the banking sector, specifically associated with Banca Transilvania in Romania. Her professional journey has been marked by her entrepreneurial spirit and the establishment of several successful ventures.


Kasper Larsen

Kasper Kjærbye Larsen is a renowned serial entrepreneur, founder, and investor who has made significant contributions in various industries. He has been recognized as one of the Top 20 Most Dynamic CEOs in the UK in 2021 and is known for his ability to create successful ventures, earning him the reputation of a "unicorn-maker."


Vilhelm Schottenius

Vilhelm Schottenius is a visionary entrepreneur who co-founded Björn Borg, Lunarstorm, and Yellow Brand Protection (now Corsearch), revolutionizing sportfashion, online communities, and brand protection respectively. His pioneering ventures showcase his foresight and innovation, leaving a lasting impact in multiple industries.


Oles Boychuk


Aleksey Markin


Mohammad Aquib


Rakesh Kumar

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Pubsy provides businesses with enhanced traffic generation, affordable pricing at just USD 1.99 per month, AI-assisted text generation, and pre-generated listings for immediate exposure and customer attraction. 

Enhanced Traffic Generation

Pubsy excels in traffic generation, giving businesses an unmatched advantage. 

Affordable Pricing

For just USD 1.99 per month, businesses can enjoy all the benefits of a comprehensive directory listing. No strings attached.

AI-Assisted Text Generation

Pubsy leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to streamline the process of creating compelling business listings.

Pre-Generated Listings

Unlike other directories, Pubsy pre-generates listings for businesses, ensuring that their information is already present and accessible to potential customers even before they subscribe.