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How Pubsy works for it’s users to improve their business...

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Your listing has already been done by our team. So, you are already online. When you create an account, you get full control of your online presence. You choose the template. You choose if you want your reviews to automatically update. You choose what to include in your FAQ. It is all already there - but, with an account YOU are in control.. .

Edit your listing

Pubsy has already done its best to describe your business. But, nobody knows your business better than you - and with an account, you get to edit all the details; the descriptions, the images, the contact details, the opening hours. You name it! Our AI tools helps you to ensure your business is presented in the best possible way. Always!. .

Promote your listing

If you want to give your business an extra boost, Pubsy offers a range of options for you. You can make your listing featured - and it will instantly appear in the top of all search results. You can change the design template, to give that extra WOW. The opportunities are endless!. .

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Pubsy gives users access to the most comprehensive set of information about any company - anywhere! We provide all the information you need, to make qualified decisions - and to find the business which matches your needs perfectly.

Great Pubsy packages

Choose the right one and start optimizing your online presence!

Pubsy Standard

This is the first step to take control of your business listing. You get access to everything. You can edit everything. Add images. Put short: You get the listing exactly the way you want it... .


  • Full listing page
  • Short Company Description
  • Long Company Description
  • Address displayed
  • Phone number displayed
  • Website displayed
  • Opening hours displayed
  • Full access to editing all of the above
  • FAQ

Pubsy Silver

Ready to take your business a little further? With this package, you not only get a design emphasising the positive parts of your business. You also get to add more images and videos.. .


  • All of the Standard features, plus:
  • Silver design template
  • Positive reviews highlighted
  • Upload more images
  • Upload Video
  • UNLIMITED Visitors

Pubsy Gold

When only the best is good enough. With this package, you get our premium design - presenting your business in the best possible way. This drives more traffic, and more customers... .


  • All of Standard features, plus
  • Short Company Description
  • All of silver features, plus
  • Address displayed
  • Premium design template
  • Highlighted presense
  • UNLIMITED Visitors