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Herreshoff Marine Museum

The Herreshoff Marine Museum is a renowned attraction located in Bristol, United States. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as factory tours, hiking tours, history tours, and museum tickets. The museum also offers night tours, table sports, corporate training days, and leisure and sports centers. Moored boats, day trips and tours, sports activities, workshops and classes, and venues for activities and private events are also available. The museum is an ideal location for events and has event personnel and venues to accommodate various needs.

Introduction to Herreshoff Marine Museum

Herreshoff Marine Museum is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1971 in Bristol, Rhode Island. The company's purpose is to preserve and celebrate the legacy of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, which was founded in 1863 and was known for designing and building some of the most iconic yachts and boats in the United States. The museum is unique because it houses an extensive collection of boats, artifacts, and documents that tell the story of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company.

Services & products

Herreshoff Marine Museum offers a variety of services and products for visitors to enjoy. Some of the services include attraction tickets, museum tickets, factory tours, history tours, night tours, hiking tours, and day trips and tours. Visitors can also purchase tickets to events such as sports activities, workshops and classes, and venues for private events. The museum also has a selection of boats that are moored on the property and available for rent.


Herreshoff Marine Museum is located at 1 Burnside St in Bristol, Rhode Island. The area is known for its scenic beauty and historical significance. Visitors can expect to find a variety of businesses in the area, including leisure and sports centers, table sports venues, and corporate training days. The museum is easily accessible by public transportation, with the closest options being the Bristol Train Station (0.8 miles), the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) Bus Stop (0.4 miles), and the Greyhound Bus Station (5.4 miles).

Why choose Herreshoff Marine Museum

Visitors should choose Herreshoff Marine Museum because it offers a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The museum's collection of boats, artifacts, and documents is extensive and provides a fascinating insight into the history of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company. In addition, the museum offers a variety of services and products that cater to a wide range of interests, making it a great destination for families, history buffs, and sports enthusiasts.

Good to know

Visitors to Herreshoff Marine Museum should be aware that the museum is a non-profit organization and relies on donations to continue its operations. In addition, some of the boats on display are fragile and require special care when handling.


Customers have given Herreshoff Marine Museum excellent reviews, praising the museum's collection of boats and artifacts, as well as the knowledgeable and friendly staff. Visitors have also commented on the museum's beautiful location and the variety of services and products offered.


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How much does an attraction ticket cost and does it include any discounts or promotions?

Our attraction ticket prices vary depending on the type of tour or activity. We offer discounts for seniors, military personnel, and students with valid ID. We also have promotions throughout the year, so it's best to check our website or social media pages for updates.

What is the maximum number of guests allowed on a factory tour?

Our factory tours have a maximum capacity of 20 guests per tour. This ensures that each guest has a personalized experience and can fully enjoy the tour.

What is your maximum capacity for moored boats?

Our maximum capacity for moored boats is currently 20. We have a variety of boat sizes and amenities to choose from, and our staff can assist with any special requests.

What specific topics or skills are covered in your corporate training days?

Our corporate training days cover a range of topics, including leadership development, team building, communication skills, and problem-solving. We tailor our programs to meet the unique needs and goals of each company, ensuring that the training is relevant and effective.

How do you customize your training programs to meet the unique needs and goals of our company?

We work closely with each company to understand their specific needs and goals for the training program. Our team of experienced trainers then develops a customized program that addresses these areas and provides practical solutions. We also offer follow-up sessions and support to ensure that the training has a lasting impact.


  • Erica Kahn

    Such a cool museum! A volunteer named Greg gave us an incredible tour, his passion was infectious! Highly recommend the guided tour.

  • Carol F

    I have only great thi gs to say. I work there!!

  • Lloyd Cheney

    Great time

  • Kurt

    Exceeded my expectations. Cool place with lots of wooden boats to check out- large and small. Friendly staff

  • don traeger

    Awesome maritime museum. Highly recommended.

  • Rob & Anne Bavier

    Great boats from Captain Nat and my father's America's Cup Hall of Fame plaque.

  • Roy Nunn

  • James Yaro

    Amazing collection of boats, working mooring field, showers. What a place! Love it

  • Mick Securo

    Attended a jazz concert

  • Cathy Varrica

    Nice for spring n summer weddings, but October? Too cold, windy and the food was gross!