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Leadville Railroad

Leadville Railroad is a company that offers unique railway tours, tram tickets, and day trips and tours in Leadville, United States. They specialize in transportation by rail and provide a variety of activities for their customers. Whether you're looking for a scenic tour or an adventure-packed day trip, Leadville Railroad has something for everyone. Book your next transportation experience with Leadville Railroad today.

Introduction to Leadville Railroad

Leadville Railroad is a historical railway located in the heart of Leadville, Colorado. The company was founded in 1988 with a mission to preserve the city's rich mining history and offer unique tours to visitors. What makes Leadville Railroad unique is its commitment to providing an authentic experience that transports customers back in time to the 1800s.

Services & products

Leadville Railroad offers a variety of services and products, including railway tours, tram tickets, and day trips and tours. Customers can choose from a range of activities, from scenic train rides to historic mine tours. The company also provides transportation services for private events and groups.


Leadville Railroad is located at 326 E 7th St, in the heart of Leadville, Colorado. The area is known for its rich mining history and stunning natural beauty. Visitors can expect to find a range of businesses in the area, including restaurants, shops, and museums. The company is easily accessible by public transportation, with the closest options being Leadville Station (0.2 miles), Leadville Bus Stop (0.3 miles), and Colorado Mountain Express (0.4 miles).

Why choose Leadville Railroad

Customers should choose Leadville Railroad for its unique tours and commitment to preserving the city's history. The company offers a range of activities that are suitable for all ages, making it the perfect destination for families and groups. Additionally, Leadville Railroad is dedicated to providing an authentic experience that takes customers back in time to the 1800s.

Good to know

Customers should be aware that some tours may be weather-dependent and may be subject to cancellation. It is recommended that customers check the weather forecast before booking a tour.


Customers have praised Leadville Railroad for its knowledgeable tour guides and unique experience. Many have commented on the company's commitment to preserving the city's history and providing an authentic experience for visitors. Overall, customers have had a positive experience with Leadville Railroad and would recommend it to others.


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What types of unique tours and activities do you offer?

We offer railway tours and transportation by rail, as well as day trips and tours with unique experiences and activities.

How long have you been in business and what is your overall customer satisfaction rating?

We have been in business for a significant amount of time, but we cannot disclose our exact number of years. Our overall customer satisfaction rating is high, and we strive to provide the best experiences for our customers.

Can you customize tours based on customer preferences and interests?

Yes, we can customize tours to fit customer preferences and interests. Our goal is to provide personalized experiences for each customer.

What is your cancellation policy and do you offer refunds?

Our cancellation policy varies depending on the tour or activity. We do offer refunds in certain circumstances, but it is best to contact us directly for more information.

How can I purchase tram tickets and what payment methods are accepted?

Tram tickets can be purchased online or in person at our location. We accept various payment methods, including credit cards and cash.


  • Leon Mascarenaz


  • JAC

  • Brian Plaisted

    Great experience and value. The conductor on our trip was engaging and we enjoyed talking to him.

  • Debbie R

    Beautiful scenery. We were fortunate to have a mix of weather - sunny and warm to hail and cold - and that added to the experience. There are both open and enclosed cars and you could move between them as desired. The conductor was friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend if you have a few hours.

  • chbyers1

    The family loved the ride and the views. The conductor was great!

  • Geethanjali

  • Tejeswar Raju V

  • Sri Sai Chaithanya

    It was a decent ride with some nice picturesque views.

  • Sagheer ud din

    I loved it.

  • Edwin Bernal

    Train ride was awesome with insane views, staff were also all very friendly!