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Murder n' Mayhem

Murder n' Mayhem is a company based in the United States that specializes in offering Ghost and Murder Tours, Day Trips and Tours, and other exciting Activities. Their tours are designed to provide a unique and thrilling experience for those who are interested in exploring the darker side of history. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced guides, Murder n' Mayhem ensures that their guests have a safe and enjoyable time while learning about the mysteries and legends of the area. Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a fun and spooky adventure, Murder n' Mayhem has something for everyone.

Introduction to Murder n' Mayhem

Murder n' Mayhem is a unique company that specializes in providing Ghost and Murder Tours, Day Trips and Tours, and other thrilling Activities for its customers. The company has a rich history that dates back to its founding in the United States. What makes Murder n' Mayhem unique is its ability to provide its customers with a thrilling and unforgettable experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Services & products

Murder n' Mayhem offers a wide range of services and products including Ghost and Murder Tours, Day Trips and Tours, and other exciting Activities. Customers can buy tickets to these tours and activities online or in-person. The company also offers private tours for those who prefer a more personalized experience.


Murder n' Mayhem is located in a bustling area of the United States where customers can expect to find a variety of businesses and experiences. The area is easily accessible by public transportation, with the closest options being the Metro Station, which is 0.5 miles away, the Bus Stop, which is 0.2 miles away, and the Train Station, which is 1 mile away.

Why choose Murder n' Mayhem

Customers should choose Murder n' Mayhem because of its unique and thrilling tours and activities. The company offers a one-of-a-kind experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The customer service is top-notch, and the guides are knowledgeable and friendly. The company also has a strong commitment to safety and ensures that all customers have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Good to know

Customers should be aware that some of the tours and activities offered by Murder n' Mayhem may not be suitable for young children or those who are easily frightened. It is recommended that customers check the age and activity requirements before purchasing tickets.


Customers have raved about their experiences with Murder n' Mayhem. They have praised the knowledgeable and friendly guides, the thrilling tours and activities, and the overall unforgettable experience that the company provides. Many customers have stated that they would recommend Murder n' Mayhem to anyone looking for a unique and exciting adventure.


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What locations do your Ghost and Murder Tours cover?

Our Ghost and Murder Tours cover various locations throughout the United States.

Are the tours suitable for all ages?

No, our tours are not suitable for young children as they may contain graphic content and mature themes.

How long is the typical tour and what does it include?

The length of our tours varies, but they typically last a few hours and include visits to historical sites and landmarks associated with murders and other dark events.

Are the tours conducted by experienced and knowledgeable guides?

Yes, all of our tours are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides who are passionate about the history and stories behind the locations we visit.

What safety measures and precautions are taken during the tours?

We prioritize the safety and comfort of our guests and take various precautions during our tours, such as avoiding dangerous or unstable areas and providing adequate lighting for nighttime tours. We also advise guests to wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.


  • Anthony Vargas

    The true crime tour was a blast! The guide was so knowledgeable and they really gave it a good vibe. I would definitely recommend to anyone who would like to learn about San Diego’s crime-riddled past.

  • Karen Gruschow

    I went on the Ghosts of the Embarcadero tour and Detective Drew was phenomenal! He made the tour so engaging and interesting from start to finish. It really was an awesome experience.

  • Sasha Fedorova

    I went on San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter Historic True Crime tour with Detective Drew on a Thursday night by myself. We had a small group of 6 including myself. The detective (we were allowed to call him Double D haha) was out of this world fantastic. He was dressed sharp, he was hilarious and very well spoken and his knowledge is unmatched. I go on my fair share of walking tours and trust me when I say that guides like Drew don’t come along too often. It’s one thing to memorize the script or be the expert on the subject, it’s completely different when the person completely captivates the audience, makes you gasp and long for more. He is an expert on all things San Diego, not just the true crime stories of the tour but on the entire history of the area. He took us around a few blocks stopping at the points where specific events took place. He shared different view points, all the gory details (only with consent of everybody in the group!), he was serious, he made jokes, HE ACTED THINGS OUT and he was so engaged that nobody could stay indifferent. He shoot me a text message a few minutes before the tour started to make sure I had his info and could find him, we met right on time and he went e over the allocated time limit to make sure we got the full experience. Al the stories were perfectly timed and structured as a complete piece of spoken art, included stories from late 19th century up until 2021! When I asked for food recommendations in the area, he told me about two places - Tacos El Gordo where I had the next Mexican of my life (and I’m from LA) and Henry’s Pub where I had an amazing drink and listened to live music. The best walking tour experience I’ve ever had, I can’t wait to be back in SD next week to take another tour with Detective Drew and Murder n’ Mayhem!

  • Dianne Aguilera

    Our True Crime tour with Leila was great! Leila was engaging and informative. All 3 members of our party, ages 21-56, enjoyed it.

  • Alex Garcia

    Drew was a wonderful docent for the LGBTQ+ History Tour. He was very personable and knowledgeable. The tour was fantastic and I learned a lot. I would highly encourage it for everyone.

  • Melanie Formica

    Drew hosted us for a wonderfully spooky tour. He was full of knowledge and was very entertaining!

  • Nicky Crespo

    Our guide was a such a joy. Super funny, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Would highly recommend for true crime lovers!

  • Samantha Mason

    The tour was so exciting and the detective was into telling about the murders with passion. Thank you for the great time and experience.

  • Paul Polak

    Detective Drew was awesome -- made the tour extremely engaging despite the noise and distractions in the Gaslamp. He clearly has a ton of knowledge about the events (far more than he could reasonably tell in a tour!) so ask definitely ask questions if you want to know more. Also have to point out that the group I was with were "challenging" from a host's perspective, but that didn't seem to faze Drew much -- thanks again!

  • Lori Janes-Young

    We did the Gaslamp District True Crime tour. It's really a pretty even mix of history of the Gaslamp District, Ghost Stories, and True Crime stories, but fascinating nonetheless. Our guide was engaging and held my interest throughout the tour. Also, the customer service from both Murder n' Mayhem and Viator (the booking company) was excellent. Thanks!