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T-Rex Golf

TRex Golf is a company based in Hot Springs National Park, United States. They offer a variety of activities and tickets such as attraction tickets, cablecar tickets, segway tours, themepark tickets, go karting, escape rooms, virtual reality activities, minigolf, multi sport activities, day trips and tours, driving activities, games and challenges, sports activities, and more.

Introduction to TRex Golf

TRex Golf is an entertainment company that offers unique and exciting activities for people of all ages. The company was founded in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas and has been providing fun experiences for visitors and locals alike for several years. What sets TRex Golf apart from other entertainment companies is their focus on providing a wide range of activities that appeal to everyone.

Services & Products

TRex Golf offers a variety of services and products that include attraction tickets, cablecar tickets, Segway tours, themepark tickets, go karting, escape rooms, virtual reality activities, minigolf, multi-sport activities, day trips and tours, driving activities, games and challenges, and sports activities. Customers can choose from a range of activities to suit their interests and preferences.


TRex Golf is located at 1115 Central Ave, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901, United States. The area is known for its natural hot springs and beautiful scenery. Visitors can expect to find a variety of businesses in the area, including restaurants, souvenir shops, and other entertainment venues. The closest public transportation options are the Hot Springs Trolley, which is located 0.5 miles away, the Amtrak Station, which is located 1.3 miles away, and the Greyhound Station, which is located 1.6 miles away.

Why choose TRex Golf

Customers should choose TRex Golf because of the wide range of activities and services they offer. The company is dedicated to providing a fun and memorable experience for everyone who visits. They have a team of knowledgeable staff who are always available to assist customers and ensure they have a great time. Additionally, TRex Golf offers competitive pricing and regular discounts to make their activities more accessible to everyone.

Good to know

Customers should be aware that some activities at TRex Golf may have age or height restrictions. Additionally, some activities may require advance booking, so it is recommended to check availability before visiting.


Customers have consistently praised TRex Golf for the variety of activities offered and the friendly staff. Many have commented on the affordability of the activities and the quality of the equipment used. Overall, TRex Golf has received positive reviews from satisfied customers who have had a great time experiencing the different activities offered by the company.


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    Miniature Golf
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    Family Fun
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    Fun Activities
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    Mini Golf Course
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    Putt-Putt Golf


What locations do you offer Segway tours in?

We offer Segway tours in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, United States.

Are there any age or height restrictions for participating in your virtual reality games and challenges?

Yes, there are age and height restrictions for participating in our virtual reality games and challenges. Customers must be at least 48 inches tall and 8 years of age or older.

What is the duration of the cablecar ride?

The duration of our cablecar ride is approximately 15 minutes.

What is the cost for participating in your virtual reality activities?

The cost for participating in our virtual reality activities varies depending on the specific activity chosen. Prices start at $10 per person.

Do you provide any training or guidance for customers who are new to virtual reality activities?

Yes, we provide training and guidance for customers who are new to virtual reality activities. Our staff will provide instructions on how to use the equipment and will be available to answer any questions.


  • William Smith

    We only utilized the mini golf course while we were here. We didn't use the arcade at all but it looked alright. If you don't mind a run down course with nothing but par 2 & 3 holes this is the place for you. At least the air conditioning worked. We were concerned our vehicle would be broken into while inside but this is where the kids wanted to go. Once and done.

  • aljelyn sonson

  • Breanna Hebert

    This place was so much fun!! The mini golf course was great! The dinosaur theme in black light was awesome. Our 5 year old daughter was scared of the ropes course once she got up there….so thankfully the staff were kind enough to let us transfer our tickets to their sister facility (Family Fun Park) to do the ropes course they’re built for younger kids. Definitely recommend checking out!

  • angela hill

    Great family fun! Has a lot of things to do. We really enjoyed playing the cool golf. As grandparents we went by ourselves and had A-blast, and didn't even have any grand babies with us.

  • Daniel Dupont

  • Sk Smith

  • Michael Bailey

  • Dusty (Fyredust)

    For $7 a head, you can't beat it...but wow was it a bit...unkempt. There were rubber shavings on the course, making it a slight pain to clear each one before being able to take some swings. The outside of the complex is a bit confusing as well - there is no clear indication as to wear you go to play golf, and the signage in the parking lot is not very professional looking. If interested, park between their two buildings and enter the sketchy door that says "Tickets Here". Employee that helped us was very friendly. Finally, the women's bathroom was janky to say the least. This place has a lot of potential and still seems like somewhere I would take my family, but needs some improvement for sure.

  • Shelby Justice

    It's fun and all but not enough to do

  • Kate Hagerty

    The mini golf was so bad it was actually hilarious. At first I was super disappointed to spend $17 for 2 of us to play. We had a great time laughing about how Jurassic Park music played on a loop while the broken animatronics limped along. The mini golf itself was… fine. No real challenges inside the course other than the dark. When we finished we were glad to be done. The 3 teenagers working were glad that we left also as we were the only ones there. Decide for yourself, but we will be laughing about how bad this was for years to come.